General Hints and Tips before the Assessment Centre

I’ve just received my invite to an Assessment Centre. What should I do first? First and foremost, check to see if a briefing or information pack is included with the letter. If not, ask if further information will be forwarded. Read the Pack carefully, and make sure you are clear on the following points:


- What exercises can I expect?

- What Competencies are being assessed?

- Where and when is the Assessment Centre?

- What is the dress code?


Also, action any requests, for example, confirming attendance or forwarding information in advance (such as certificates). Then, make a very clear check-list of which exercises and activities you need to prepare for in advance of the Assessment Centre. If not covered in the information pack, make an educated guess about the Competencies that you are likely to be assessed on and the exercises you can expect on the day. Remember, if you feel that you require more information or clarification – ask.


I have special requirements – what should I do?

If you have any special requirements – including disability, dietary or other – contact the organization. Organizations will look to make any adjustments that are reasonable, in order to ensure that no one is at a disadvantage. If you wear glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids etc. – bring them.


What should I take to the Assessment Centre?

If there is a numerical element to the day, pack your calculator (check if it needs a new battery). Always take along a spare CV and a copy of your original application. You may meet assessors who would find it helpful to see your documents on the day. Always take a watch – time is a critical issue at an Assessment Centre. Have some spare paper or a small reporter’s notepad to write down key names, times and learning points that you want to record for the future.


What advice can you give me about the travel arrangements?

Find out exactly where the event will be held and ensure that you get there in plenty of time. Remember to allow extra time if the venue is in a town centre, or if you are generally unfamiliar with the location. If your journey is a particularly long one, ask the organization if they are prepared to consider overnight accommodation for you. If you are driving, make sure that you know where to park and if parking spaces are available.


What about the night before?

Try to get a good night’s sleep!

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